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Exclusive Services

At Streamliner Solutions, our mission is to provide our clients with the best in applied technologies and expert analysts to maximize value and add to the bottom line of small and medium businesses. Our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge and expertise to identify areas of improvement and develop innovative solutions that produce tangible results. We strive to be the partner of choice for companies looking to enhance their efficiency and profitability.


Medical Claim Underpayment Recovery

Medical providers in the United States are losing over $125 billion yearly due to underpaid and improperly denied insurance claims.


We recover remaining CONTRACTUAL underpayments AFTER your revenue cycle managers have exhausted their collection efforts. Our expert analysts run a forensic audit, line item by line item, of your last 12-24 months' insurance billings through our proprietary software to identify any remaining underpayments.


Business Process Automation

Stop wasting time and money on inefficient processes.
Discover how automating your workflows can help you grow your business.

No upfront investment or IT resources are required.


Credit Card Rate Reduction

Our Credit Card Rate Reduction service helps businesses reduce their credit card processing fees with their current payment processor.

Our expert team of consultants will review your current setup and identify areas where you can save money by negotiating lower rates, optimizing payment processing, and more.


We'll ensure you get the best rates and the most value from your credit card processor.

No cost or obligation for consultation and analysis. 


Commercial Payments
Virtual Cards & Accounts Payable Automation

Have you ever considered your AP department as a profit center?


Our commercial payment automation and digital payment solutions will save you time AND make you money.

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